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25 October 2004 Mantidae

Road to Rome update

While we wait for our forum to be revived, here is a preview on what's happening with the RTR expansion make-over:

Lake Comacchio - All Roads lead to Rome - map by Zara5ustra

Capture of Ortona - All Roads lead to Rome - map by Zara5ustra

Bir Hakeim - All Roads lead to Rome - map by Zara5ustra

..and a little taster from the Secret Weapons expansion work-over:

Gothic Line

More to come soon..

21 October 2004 Mental Merlin

Small Update…

Forums still being worked on ATM, as you will see if u try to log on.

Our main objective atm, is to restore the old ones, we must Bow down to our Guru, BOBUM, for his dedicated input atm.

But We may be forced to start from scratch, more news as it happens..

Mental Merlin

19 October 2004 Mental Merlin


Forums will be up in a day or 2 max.

Why not catch up with the latest, or just have a chat in mIRC

If you dont have a irc client head to Gamesurge

then once connected with there java client type: /join #mc1942

If you do have an irc client,
room: #mc1942

Mental Merlin

19 October 2004 Mental Merlin


Our host Server "GameSpy Industries" was faced with a malicious attack and had to be shut down. All passwords for the sites ran on these servers have been compromised along with user information on forums.

Good news is the web site is now back and running, I will update here on Forum Status.

Mental Merlin

30 August 2004 Mental Merlin

******Merciless Creation MC1.6 for Battlefield 1942 now released******

Download links now available in our forums..

Mental Merlin

29 August 2004 Mental Merlin

******UPDATE 29.08.04******

Well guys... 99% of bugs have been fixed... Final public release is being downloaded by Team atm.. No more than an install check once we dl... Then uploaded to fileplannet and other mirrors.... ETA for public release :- 24 hours max....
Mental Merlin

16 July 2004 Mental Merlin

******UPDATE 17.07.04******

First sorry its taking so long to get the final build to you,..just peeps on holiday, and few minor bugs....

But we have 2 downloads for you atm.......

First is a Video of Berlin and next, a full completed map to enjoy....

Hang tight....

Check the forums for the downloads, and post your comments..

Mental Merlin

13 June 2004 Mental Merlin

******UPDATE 14.06.04******

2 ish Weeks to go.hehe....

MC1.6 is almost there, but we want to give u a complete release.....

Here aresome new updated MC1.6 and MCSP pictures

Check the forum for some NEW, MCSP details..

Hang tight Troops, soon........

Mental Merlin

29 May 2004 Mental Merlin

******UPDATE 29.05.04******

3 Weeks to go.....

MC1.6 is nearly there, and its looking to be our biggest and best release ever.....

Time to release 3 weeks approx....

Here are a few more pictures taken from MC1.6

More news early next week about MCSP1.6, with new unseen pictures.....

Mental Merlin

21 May 2004 Mental Merlin


Well the countdown if finaly happening.....

MC1.6 is in the final process of Testing and compiling starts next week....

Time to release 4 weeks approx....

So expect up to the minute news as is happens....

Here are a few pictures taken from MC1.6

More news over the next few days about MCSP 1.6, this is the must have add on, for all those SP players out there.....

Mental Merlin

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