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03 May 2004 Mental Merlin

Hi all,

At the moment its all go here, and as well as working on MC 1.6, we have some new projects in the pipeline.

We are looking for an additional Texture Artist to join our existing dedicated research staff.

You will be required to delve into the deep depth of the web and use your own skills to get the accurate information we insist upon.

So if you think you have the talent and skill we need, and want to be part of Merciless Creations Team...

Let me know in our Forums..

Mental Merlin

25 December 2003 Mental Merlin

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our Fans…

From ALL in the Merciless Team..

Mental Merlin

28 November 2003

OMG an update.....

Yes you are seeing this... :)

We Are Back

Well first appologies to everyone out there for the lack of updates, and thanks to all those members and players who still keep it Merciless

Next for some excellent news, Merciless Creations Team have now joined with the Forgotten Hope development team to help create the most extensive,detailed and enjoyable 1942 modification, with the most acurate gameplay you will ever experience.

The Forgotten Hope Team has been hard at work for over a year developing their mod, the latest version is available from their website at Also recently we had the privilage of Pacific Shores joining the team, making a total of 67 members working on the 0.6 Update

Some of the new features include...
- Merciless sounds and skins, in a quality Bf42 gaming hasnt experienced before - Pacific Shores pacific campain, new japanese vehicles and weapons - A German version - New Vehicles - New Ships - Ark Royale, Schnellboote and other navy vessels - New Aircraft - Russians should have a chance against the tigers shouldnt they? - New Custom Map Objects - New Maps including "Gold Beach" and "Omaha Beach Gameplay features including: -- Merciless 1942 Flight Engine by Takiwa -- pilot & parachute classes -- towable artillary -- recoded vehicle behaviour -- useable carrier ship elevators

But lets not forget good old Merciless 1942 itself, we are continuing to work on expanding Vanilla 1942,so look out for some new pics soon.

Merciless Creations is back

12 April 2003 Mental Merlin

Merciless and FH

As you all have seen, Merciless in working with FH atm, and in a BIG way...

I want to expand the existing staff here at Merciless Creations and help complete this fantastic mod.

We will be requiring new staff to inject some fresh blood and ideas into Merciless Creations.

If YOU want to take part, please tell of your talents, and contact me . Or get me in the forum area , why not join and help expand one of the first, and greatest 1942 add-on`s out there.

Mental Merlin

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