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29 June 2008 Mantidae

MC Match Map Pack released!


The Merciless Zara5ustra Match Map Pack has been released.

Download it here

02 November 2007 Mantidae

Match Map Pack

Here's a sneak preview of the upcoming Match Map Pack:

Operation Forager

The great pursuit

Faid pass


26 May 2007 Mantidae

Raid on Bremen update

Good news: our custom map Raid on Bremen is back on track and it's looking good!

Rickochet and Nemesis are currently working on AI tweaking to make sure this map will be one of the coolest maps ever produced for the Bf1942 engine.

More info and new snapshots to come, including the Grand Slam 'superbomb'. For real.

10 January 2007 Mantidae

More White Dragon WIP pics

Some more WIP pics from Operation White Dragon:

More to come

05 December 2006 Mantidae

MC SWSP finally released!

Hurry up and download our latest addition to the Battlefield 1942 games:

The Merciless Creations Secret Weapons of WWII Single Player mod

The SWSP mod adds new and exciting vehicles, weapons and other objects to the regular bf1942 maps. You can also expect brand new models and enhanced game play - and naturally everything in glorious Merciless textures!

Read more about SWSP here.

16 November 2006 Mantidae

Another White Dragon update

An update on the progress of Operation White Dragon:

More updates soon

31 August 2006 Mantidae

Operation White Dragon update

Hi all!

Here are some wip pictures from our upcoming BF2 mod Operation White Dragon:

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

25 July 2006 Mantidae

New Raid on Bremen screenshots

The work on the Raid on Bremen map is progressing steadily, and we thought you might appreciate another preview:

18 July 2006 Mantidae

Secret Weapons Single Player preview

Here's a preview of the final Single player conversion - Secret Weapons SP. We're currently producing the final textures for this mod and will release after testing as soon as possible.

PS: We're currently looking for beta testers. If you're interested in helping us out, please contact Mantidae or Mental Merlin.

06 June 2006 Mantidae

Operation Merkur available now!

Yes, finally! The awesome 'invasion of Crete'-map by wizards Nemesis and Rickochet has been given a Merciless workover

Download it here
Or here..

(Note: MC 1.6.1, MC RtR and Bf RtR required)

Preview shots:

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