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31 January 2005 Mantidae

'The Dawn of the Rising Sun' - new Pearl Harbour map

Merciless and the Battlefield Single Player (BFSP) has teamed up to work on the map that EA/Dice forgot, 'The Dawn of the Rising Sun', a realistic Pearl Harbor map.

This project will bring together the multi-talented Merciless creators with the AI experts at BFSP to merge multiplayer with single player into an exciting action packed map.

This project differs from other Pearl Harbor maps in that players start in the second wave after half the fleet has already been destroyed. This setting allows the map designers to create an atmosphere that is filled with scenes of total destruction and mayhem. Current information is posted on the teams forums.

Check out the websites here: ...


Dedicated Site

11 December 2004 Mantidae

* Artists wanted *

All experienced artists who want a challenge and would like to work with a professional team can apply.

And budding talents are also welcome to apply.

Contact Mantidae or Mental Merlin

07 December 2004 Mental Merlin

-= Beta Testers wanted =-

Im looking for a few names for 4 Beta Testers...

So if you are interested , and can put a few hours aside per night when needed, post here...

More info will be posted to you by PM..

We need to complete RTR and SW asap....

Also you will be involved in the final tests of MC,Single Player...MSCP..

Contact Mental Merlin to apply

03 December 2004 Mental Merlin

~ New web site launched ~

We're proud to announce the launch of a Battlefield specific Merciless site, where you can find out about our latest projects..

02 December 2004 Mental Merlin

Updated Merciless fix for 1.6.1

This is only a small fix to get the switcher workin with the 1.6.1 update. All you have to do is install to turn on and off MC.

Get the 1.6.1 update Here


23 November 2004 Mental Merlin

Updated Merciless Forums

Sign up now Troops..


And a site DEDICATED to Battlefield.

14 November 2004 Mental Merlin

Forum Status Update

New Temp forums are now up and running :) ..

Again thank you for your patience.

They are still WIP, but will let us give you the latest on MCSP which will be released next week..

13 November 2004 Mental Merlin

Forum Status Update

New forums are WIP atm, but will be live by tomorrow..

Thank you for your patience over the last few months.

Mental Merlin

02 November 2004 Mental Merlin

Still alive

Hey everyone... well MC1942 isn't dead... we are starting to work on the 1.6 patch and even attempt new additions for the old maps and Road to Rome and Secret Weapons too!

Things are quite hectic in real life right now, therefor modding is tough for me at the moment, but I am trying to work with the whole Merciless 1942 team to bring all the features you all are asking for...

Anyone that is working on or wishes to work on solid AI SP routines for Phillipines, Caen, and Agfia, plus revised Aberdeen maps.... we are completely welcome to your help and adding these to the next MC1942 version! Just let us know if you are working on them or know that someone else in the community is!

As always.... support the team and our forums... we love to hear from you and are welcome to any and all ideas that we can do... ;)

Thanks to the whole MC1942 team for keeping the spirit alive and sticking around especially since we all have been quite busy lately...

27 October 2004 Mental Merlin

Server Status Update

Gamespy, our current Server supplier still have problems due to recent Hacker activity.

Once this is resolved, our forums will be back on line.

Mental Merlin

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