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Operation White Dragon - Battlefield 2 mod To the top

The gloves are off! The Peoples Republic of China is under new management, and chairman Yan Fu has ordered the annexation of eastern Russia to the Chinese empire. Overwhelmed by the immense Peoples Liberation Army, the Russian forces fight a series of desperate battles to defend mother Russia, but city after city falls into the hands of the enemy. Answering Russia's desperate call for help, United Kingdom and USA ship troops to the region, and are soon involved in bitter fights.

  • 4 Armies
    • Peoples Republic of China
    • Russian Federation
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America
  • Winter battles ranging from late autumn to early spring
  • Custom made maps
  • A range of custom made vehicle models
  • All new custom textures for terrain, vehicles, uniforms and buildings
  • New custom effects
  • Full single player support

More information to follow - stay tuned!

Note: This mod requires the official 'BF2 Special Forces' expansion pack to be installed.