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25 September 2005 Mantidae

RTR Operation Merkur

Merciless Creations has recently been working with New Zealander map makers Nemesis and Rickochet on customising the textures on their amasing Operation Merkur map. The map is now in final testing stage, and should be available for download shortly after the RTR SP release.

Here are some preview shots:

24 September 2005 Mantidae

RTR Single Player addon

The Merciless RTR Single Player addon (RTRSP) is now in final beta testing stage, and we should have it done and delivered shortly.

Here are some preview shots:

21 August 2005 Mental Merlin

** MC RTR 1.61 **

Available for download NOW...

Download here


23 June 2005 Mantidae

More RtR preview screens

We're still beavering away on the MC RtR release, and we thought you might appreciate some more previews:

06 June 2005 Mantidae

MCSP blood fx patch available now!

For those of you who has experienced the 'grey square' blood fx bug, a small patch is now available for download.

29 April 2005 Mantidae

Road to Rome XPack update

Our upcoming "mercilessation" of the Road to Rome XPack is coming along nicely. Here are a few preview pics of some of the aircrafts in store:

27 April 2005 Mantidae

New Maps...**Prize**

As fans of Merciless eye candy... What NEW maps would you like MC to design and add our touch to...?

Keep it historic, and new, so WE can prove we got the talent....!!!

This will be open 2 weeks from today... closing 11 May 2005

And if you choose the winning Map some Merciless Merchandise will be heading your way......!!!

Contact: Mental Merlin

04 April 2005 Mantidae

Merciless Single Player (MCSP) released!

Yes, that's right! MCSP is finally available!

Download it from here: More information available in our forum

03 April 2005 Mantidae

** Team MC statement **

Team MC is looking at the allegations brought forth within the community. As a result, Team MC is revamping its team protocols in lieu of the present situation. We, like most teams, have always operated on a blind trust and on the integrity of the personage within the team. Sadly, the team acknowledges that MC and the public have been regretfully misled. Further, that no intentional misconduct or misrepresentation by MC as a whole was meant to happen. We regret that this has happened and is being addressed in whole. For this we at Team MC apologize to Team XWW2 and the BF community.

Team MC

24 February 2005 Mantidae

********* Press Release 23.02.2005 ************

......Without Prejudice.....

Merciless Creations (herein known as MC) has decided to go Serversided with its BF1942 Modification and as such has requested that all MC original content currently included in the Forgotten Hope BF1942 modification (herein known as FH) has to be removed.

MC does retain the right for its content, FH does retain the right to its content, as of the non profit disclosures from the EULA of EA for Battlefield 1942.

FH was granted the right to use the MC mod for a non disclosed amount of time, therein from the date of and beyond 23.02.2005 we request that all MC content be removed from FH, this due to MC having gained no reimbursement or counter offer for our contributions or content in sharing.

MC believes that this displays missed opportunities for both teams, but wishes FH the best for its future work.

Merciless Creations Team.

"This statement expresses the collective views of the Merciless Creations Team, and is not an expression of a single individual."

And just to clarify:

1. All prior releases of FH are as was released, and anyone can play, we are not here to ask anyone to stop playing FH.

2. FH have had several updates since the orig release. MC additions were always added, although the partnership was disolved before the first version was released.

3. Fh have been using MC addons for 2 years now, and we asked for 5 old models of theirs to use in our new Server Sided MC. And were told where to go.

4. After 2 years use, and with this responce, we requested them to remove all MC addons from the next update that FH do.

To confirm MC is not interested with any previous releases of FH, but due to their attitude now, we ask that MC be removed from all Future updates.

Merciless Creations Team.

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